Katie the Fairy on the Topic of Perfectionism

So I was having a conversation with my lovely friend, Katie the Fairy, about how difficult it is to be a perfectionist. She totally understood. There she was in her photo shoot for her debut to the world, smiling her beautiful, perfect smile. And there I was, trying to figure out how to work my camera. Then trying to get the photo just right with the photo program, but not knowing exactly how it works. Boy, some things just come easier than others. Katie agreed. She explained to me that she really enjoys flying around, delivering her fairy dust to special little girls, and she really couldn’t be bothered with much else. Katie is so understanding. I’m going to miss that little fairy now that she has flown home! I wish you the best Katie.


4 responses

  1. Love Katie!! Looking forward to seeing your current pojects when they are completed. My friend Brittany just had a baby girl Friday. Obviously she is not yet creating artwork. So I was hoping I could get one of your other unique products. Do you still make the custom name signs? Please contact me with scheduling and price information. I love the name sign I have in Aiana’s room and I think Brittany will love having one for her new precious daughter, Amelia.

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