My Daddy

by Ashton, Age 4

Happy Father’s Day! Albeit a little early, it never really is too early to tell your dad how much you love and honor him. Whether we are moms or dads or grandmoms or granddads or aunties or uncles, we all play a vital role in the upbringing of children in our lives and communities. May we all strive to teach, nurture and love them so that they grow into healthy, productive, thriving members of society.  May we be patient and caring, showing them the way. Children are so impressionable and moldable; may we impress them with that which is true, and noble, that which is right and pure, in things that are excellent and praiseworthy!


Did you say “Doodle Jump”?

Requested by the Creators of Doodle Jump, Lima Sky

Yes, that’s right, it really, truly is the one and only Doodle Jump. What a really cool honor it was for me to be contacted by one of the creators of Doodle Jump.

I hope you enjoy him!

Buzooka Bunny

by Vicente, age 10

Be on your guard! Watch your back… Because Buzooka Bunny is on the loose. He’s a Rank 6, fierce looking dude!

But on the inside..he’s a Softie!

This amazing little guy was designed by my very own nephew, Vicente. He and his cousin are working on designing their own game. While the drawing is in pencil, he asked me to pick the colors. He was very specific, “No girlie colors!”

Keep on creating, Guys! Love you!