About Me

My name is Olivia, hence Olivia’s Sewing Room. I am a native Texan, originally from Houston. I now live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I have been sewing and crafting for about 26 years. I truly enjoy the time that I spend sewing, designing and creating in my little sewing room, but that’s not all I do…

First and foremost, I am dedicated to loving and serving the Lord. I am a wife, blessed to be married to a wonderful husband! I am a very active stay-at-home mom. I homeschool our daughter and work hard to keep her studies interesting and enriching. I strive to plan activities that will help her grow into a well-rounded, God-centered adult. I workout on a regular basis with a great group of friends. We do Crossfit and run races, and have a great time doing it.

In a sentence, I love my life! I am blessed and enjoy looking for opportunities to bless others!


One response

  1. Olivia, thanks so much for making Brittany’s cow come alive! You are amazing! I can’t believe how much detail you put into it just from a snapped fuzy phone picture. WOW

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