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Thank you for your interest. I’d love to hear from you. If you’d like to receive a quote for any custom work, including a custom softie or any other sewing/craft project please email Olivia at

Please include the following information and any other information that you feel may be relevant.

For a Custom Softie:

  • An image is required. You can either upload it as an attachment to your email, or I can email you my mailing address upon request. If mailing, please do not send the original; a color copy will suffice
  • Child’s first name and age
  • Special Instructions, i.e. specific information about the drawing that would be important for me to know
  • Shipping address so that I can include a shipping quote

Tips for a successful Softie:

Creating your softie is my pleasure! For the most successful outcome, I recommend that you select your favorite character that your child has drawn. This is something that s/he will keep for many years to come, so try to pick a drawing that is most representative of your child’s personality, such as a character or theme that is recurrent. Next, ask your child questions about the drawing and communicate any important details to your softie-maker, so that the softie can truly encapsulate everything that your child intended.

Tote Bag or Baby Bag: Indicate in your email your color and/or motif preferences, (optional)attach an image of  nursery or color scheme, the tote style that you are interested in (if other than those that I typically offer, please include a picture and dimensions), any embroidery that you would like, and any accessories that you would like included.


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