Mini Max

by Emma, Age 9

Max is a cute, little, kinda crazy and wacky dog. He’s super spunky!

Max Drawing

He is one of Emma’s best friends. They love to play and cuddle together.

Here’s a picture of Max and Emma. Aren’t they precious?.

Max and Emma

For Emma’s birthday, I made her a Max softie. She named him “Mini Max”!  What a rascal!

Max the Softie


Did you say “Doodle Jump”?

Requested by the Creators of Doodle Jump, Lima Sky

Yes, that’s right, it really, truly is the one and only Doodle Jump. What a really cool honor it was for me to be contacted by one of the creators of Doodle Jump.

I hope you enjoy him!

Buzooka Bunny

by Vicente, age 10

Be on your guard! Watch your back… Because Buzooka Bunny is on the loose. He’s a Rank 6, fierce looking dude!

But on the inside..he’s a Softie!

This amazing little guy was designed by my very own nephew, Vicente. He and his cousin are working on designing their own game. While the drawing is in pencil, he asked me to pick the colors. He was very specific, “No girlie colors!”

Keep on creating, Guys! Love you!

Nathan’s Mouse

by Nathan, age 4

This mouse was painted by little Nathan at age 4! Didn’t he do a great job? My photograph of the softie came out too blue, but the actual softie is more gray than it appears. I am still perfecting my sewing studio for lighting and such. 

I want to thank you for visiting my site! I always appreciate your comments and feedback.

Halie’s Mermaid Debut

by Halie, Age 4

I have been incredibly busy these past couple of weeks working on many projects. It was so much fun to create this little beauty for Halie. She has certainly reminded us of the fun of splashing in the ocean water or a nice refreshing swimming pool. We are looking eagerly forward to our summer. It won’t be much longer.

Speaking of things right around the corner…Mother’s Day is almost here, and as a mother I know that I cherish my daughter’s artwork perhaps even more than she does. Can’t you see that favorite drawing alongside its matching softie inside a shadow box, displayed on your wall or shelf? I can and I love it.  So, consider ordering a softie for that special mom in your life. Get your order in soon to receive it in time for that joyous celebration.

Thank you for visiting, and I am looking forward to hearing from you and seeing those beautiful artworks.

Katie the Fairy on the Topic of Perfectionism

So I was having a conversation with my lovely friend, Katie the Fairy, about how difficult it is to be a perfectionist. She totally understood. There she was in her photo shoot for her debut to the world, smiling her beautiful, perfect smile. And there I was, trying to figure out how to work my camera. Then trying to get the photo just right with the photo program, but not knowing exactly how it works. Boy, some things just come easier than others. Katie agreed. She explained to me that she really enjoys flying around, delivering her fairy dust to special little girls, and she really couldn’t be bothered with much else. Katie is so understanding. I’m going to miss that little fairy now that she has flown home! I wish you the best Katie.