Alien Abduction

by Sinclair, age 4

I received an urgent message from Santa. Apparently his elves, while they are quite capable at fashioning trains and the like, are not very equipped for creating softies. So, upon receiveing this drawing from a little girl named Sinclair….Alien Abduction Drawing

…Santa said that she had been very nice this year and he really wanted to be sure that she could receive exactly what she wanted! So, Sinclair explained that this drawing is her family in a space ship. I guess they are zooming through outer space. What a fun family vacation.

Alien Abduction Softie

Now, I decided that the little family in the space ship might enjoy getting out and stretching their legs once in a while, so I created them as removable puppets…

Alien Abduction with Puppets

I hope you enjoy many hours of playing with your new softie, Sinclair! Merry Christmas!!


Coloring with Dad-Creating Precious Childhood Memories

by Daria and Daddy

I love the story behind this softie. As a child, Daria and her father worked side-by-side creating and coloring this cow. They have held on to this picture for all of these years, and now have a softie to bring it to life.

As a daughter, I know I have a few special momentos that remind me of special times that I shared with my father as a little girl, and I am reminded of how important it is to my daughter when we spend time with her, coloring, creating, or playing games.

Children are a blessing, and so are the parents who love, nurture and protect them.

My Daddy

by Ashton, Age 4

Happy Father’s Day! Albeit a little early, it never really is too early to tell your dad how much you love and honor him. Whether we are moms or dads or grandmoms or granddads or aunties or uncles, we all play a vital role in the upbringing of children in our lives and communities. May we all strive to teach, nurture and love them so that they grow into healthy, productive, thriving members of society.  May we be patient and caring, showing them the way. Children are so impressionable and moldable; may we impress them with that which is true, and noble, that which is right and pure, in things that are excellent and praiseworthy!